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The Story Of Your Toothbrush

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED how your toothbrush was made or how it’s different from toothbrushes of the past? Teeth-cleaning tools have certainly come a long way from the frayed sticks Ancient Egyptians used around 3500 BC! A Brief History Of The Toothbrush The first toothbrushes that resemble modern ones were invented in China in the [...]

Saliva: Oral Health’s MVP

SALIVA IS SUCH an ordinary thing that you probably haven’t given it much thought, but it’s actually as important to the healthy function of our mouths as oil is to a working car engine. Saliva is an essential component of our ability to eat, taste our favorite foods, and speak, it’s crucial to a healthy [...]

Are Sensitive Teeth More Painful During The Winter?

With our first "Arctic Blast" set to hit Dallas-Ft.Worth later this week, we wanted to suggest some ways to avoid extra tooth sensitivity this winter season.  Cold winter air and hot or cold drinks can trigger toothache and misery, but there are many things you can do to treat teeth that are sensitive. Even [...]

Use It or Lose It! Dental Insurance Benefits

We’re approaching that time of the year again- “use it or lose it!” Each year, many patients lose out on benefits through their dental insurance provider, simply because time has slipped away. We know life gets busy and before you know it, another year has come and gone and you have not seen your dentist. [...]

Pumpkin Spice Craze. Is it Dentist Approved?

Pumpkin Spice Craze -"Dentist Approved?" It probably comes as no surprise that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is Starbucks’ most popular seasonal drink of all time.  Everything about the pumpkin’s color, aroma, and savory flavor screams fall. Every year coffee enthusiasts eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated beverage, then flock to the coffee shop [...]

Defining Restorative Dentistry – In Kevin’s Words

What is Restorative Dentistry? According to WebMD, restorative dentistry is defined as: Tooth restorations are the various ways your dentist can replace missing teeth or repair missing parts of the tooth structure. Tooth structure can be missing due to decay, deterioration of a previously placed restoration, or fracture of a tooth. I have a simple [...]

Same Day Dental Crowns – Popular Choice For Dallas Professionals

More and more time has become something with an increasing value.  Phrases like "there just aren't enough hours in the day" and "where does the time go?" are extremely commonplace in today's fast paced society.  As your dentist, I want to make sure your visits are as convenient, comfortable and productive as possible.  Everything we [...]

Preserve, Prevent and Protect. Dental Care For Retirement.

My wife Linda and I talk about work quite often, she's an Optometrist.  She often works in retirement communities and patients love to see her.  She once told me that she could have a line full of patients and when mealtime hit, the line would completely disperse. Nothing gets in the way of mealtime! As [...]

The Art of Dentistry – In the Dental Lab with Paul

  I've always thought of dentistry as a fine art.  Just think about how often your smile is on display, and how much of an impact a great smile can have on your confidence.  If you haven't noticed, smiles are contagious! I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with other dental professionals who also view [...]

A Dentist’s Biggest Compliment – A Family Referral

I've always considered myself to be an ever-evolving practitioner and student of dentistry.  With all of the advancements, just in the last few years, I really pay attention to emerging technologies that will create the best possible patient experience.  Through continuing education and by surrounding myself with the best dental talent and technology out there, [...]