We Have A Common Goal – The Best Dental Experience in Dallas, TX.

I had great experiences going to the dentist as a child and that inspired me to pursue Dentistry.  Every day, I continue to try to create those same sort of upbeat and enjoyable experiences just like they did for me.

The best patient experience-through use of modern dental technology, providing prevention, restoration, cosmetic options while improving overall oral health–that is our common goal.  Who knows, maybe one day I will inspire someone else to follow in my footsteps!

Kevin J Potts DDS
Kevin J Potts DDSDallas General Dentist

My goal is to deliver the best dental experience to every patient.

In my Dallas dental practice, everything is based on relationships. I could have pursued a dental specialty, but a specialist might see a patient only once in their lifetime. My goal has always been to be the best dentist for my Dallas patients, because I thrive on creating a great long-term relationship with each of them. I believe that amongst all the modern technology, I really have an old school approach in possibly the most important way~I treat each patient the way I would want my family to be treated.

Our Care Team Members

KimRDA - Assistant

What compels you to help people with their smile?

Knowing that the work we can do, will change someone’s smile and sometimes their lives.

Tell us what you love about the experience you help create in this office?

I love being able to build the relationships and making patients feel comfortable throughout their dental experience with us.

What part of the “best dental experience” do you enjoy most?

I enjoy all of the technology in the Office especially since we are able to provide a crown in the same day visit.

What makes you smile?

Spending time in Blue Mountain Beach with my husband and my dog Jack.

PorchiaFinancial Coordinator

What compels you to help others with their smiles?

To know where a patient may start from and eventually end up in achieving their ultimate health care goals compels me to make sure I do my part in conjunction with the rest of my team members to ensure that the patient achieves their ultimate end results.

Tell us what you love about the experience you help create in this office.

Being able to educate patients on the latest techniques, products, and plans that we offer to ensure a comfortable and affordable experience.

What part of the “evolving the dental office experience” do you enjoy most?

Hearing patients complimentary comments about our office and staff and knowing that I’m surrounded by a great team that is all about making sure we treat each and every one of our patients like VIP.

What makes you smile?

Spending time with my family and watching my son play basketball makes me smile.

SylviaRDA - Assistant
AudreyTreatment Plan Coordinator