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Weight Loss And Oral Health

MAINTAINING GOOD ORAL HEALTH is a goal we should all be striving to achieve each and every day. Not only does this help us to feel like our best selves; having good oral health is reduces our risk of developing a variety of conditions and diseases! Brushing, flossing, tongue-cleaning, and regular dental visits are all [...]

Childhood Tooth Injuries

WHEN WE PICTURE the ideal childhood, we usually think of children playing on playgrounds and exploring nature with their friends. They discover the world around them, imagine fantastical worlds beyond it, play games, and make friendships that could last a lifetime. As wonderful as that image is, it often comes with bruises and scraped knees [...]

Saliva: Oral Health’s MVP

SALIVA IS SUCH an ordinary thing that you probably haven’t given it much thought, but it’s actually as important to the healthy function of our mouths as oil is to a working car engine. Saliva is an essential component of our ability to eat, taste our favorite foods, and speak, it’s crucial to a healthy [...]

Are Sensitive Teeth More Painful During The Winter?

With our first "Arctic Blast" set to hit Dallas-Ft.Worth later this week, we wanted to suggest some ways to avoid extra tooth sensitivity this winter season.  Cold winter air and hot or cold drinks can trigger toothache and misery, but there are many things you can do to treat teeth that are sensitive. Even [...]

Pumpkin Spice Craze. Is it Dentist Approved?

Pumpkin Spice Craze -"Dentist Approved?" It probably comes as no surprise that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is Starbucks’ most popular seasonal drink of all time.  Everything about the pumpkin’s color, aroma, and savory flavor screams fall. Every year coffee enthusiasts eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated beverage, then flock to the coffee shop [...]

Preserve, Prevent and Protect. Dental Care For Retirement.

My wife Linda and I talk about work quite often, she's an Optometrist.  She often works in retirement communities and patients love to see her.  She once told me that she could have a line full of patients and when mealtime hit, the line would completely disperse. Nothing gets in the way of mealtime! As [...]