My wife Linda and I talk about work quite often, she’s an Optometrist.  She often works in retirement communities and patients love to see her.  She once told me that she could have a line full of patients and when mealtime hit, the line would completely disperse. Nothing gets in the way of mealtime! As we are all trying to live longer and stay young while aging, I can’t help but hope that my patients and I will all be enjoying good food among friends, well into retirement.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This saying is so very true, especially when it comes to your oral health.  Growing up, you probably heard many times to brush your teeth before bed and if you are a parent, those familiar words have probably crossed your lips more than once.  After all, it’s true, brushing, flossing and annual cleanings all play a role in prolonging a youthful smile.

There are many ways to keep your teeth and oral health performing at it’s best, well into retirement. The best way to prevent any future decay or problems is to see your dentist regularly.  There are many screenings, cleanings and treatments we can provide to help prolong the life of your natural teeth, gums and the underlying bone structure.  If you have any pain or discomfort, it’s best to have us take a look and provide treatment early.

With modern technology, there’s no need to suffer through tooth or jaw pain, and you shouldn’t just accept missing or broken teeth.  Many times, people will let their back teeth fail, because they are unseen–the forgotten teeth.  Our back teeth are the ones that work the hardest to chew and grind our food.  Crown restorations, bridges & dental implants can help to restore any tooth structure that might be damaged or heading that way–and a dental guard can go a long way to protect your restorations and natural teeth.  If the back teeth are allowed to fail, the front teeth will all have to work harder and that can lead to wear and tear on the teeth that people see the most.  A well rounded approach to your oral health, taking care of the whole mouth and your health–not just the front teeth–is where we see the best results with bigger smiles from our patients.

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